PNG mapWelcome to Luk Save Long Lihir website.

This site was setup to showcase the Lihirian people, their rich culture and the environment of the Lihir group of islands, located in New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

The Lihir Group of island consists of 4 major islands, Aniolam, Maile, Masahet and Mahur. The main island, Aniolam, has been the site of a major gold-mining operation since 1995.

Here you will find information about Lihirian kastom, community, politics, economy and the gold mine as well as resources for download on agriculture, farming, aquaculture, animal husbandry and more,

Read about the history of Lihir from Taim Bipo and about the Gold mine and its impact on the Lihirian Community and the region.

Another great resource for all things Lihir is the Lihir I Lamel Website. Here you will find all of the Lihir I Lamel community newspapers from 2004 to 2013 when the paper finished publishing and also news letters and bulletins from key stakeholders in the Lihir Gold Project.

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