Pil: Ancestral Stories of the Lihir Islands

Pil: Ancestral Stories of the Lihir Islands, by Kirsty Gillespie

Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, 2018.

This book is a collection of stories, known as pil, told across the generations by the people of Lihir. Collected between 2008 and 2010, and accompanied by sound recordings, these seven stories encapsulate much of Lihir culture, from mythological beings to everyday life in the islands.
These stories were recorded, transcribed, and translated in collaboration with the Lihir Cultural Heritage Association.
By clicking on each of the below links, you will be able to listen along to each of the stories while reading their texts and translations in the book.

  1. How Lihir Came to Be, as told by Joseph Pilai
  2. How Lihir People Used to Marry, as told by Edmund Sanabel
  3. The Brother and the Ilio, as told by Michael Solgas
  4. The Sister and the Mdualih, as told by Elizabeth Walis
  5. Two Brothers and the Gesges, as told by Rosemary Tohielats
  6. Dengmaladeng, as told by Andrew Monka
  7. Two Brothers and the Ailaya, as told by Theckla Inial


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